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acquaintance in Nepali नेपाली

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acquaintance in English

  • acquaintance
    acquaintance, noun, adjective.

  • acquaintance
    adj. committed by an acquaintance.
    Ex. Many ""acquaintance homicides"" involve quarrels between drug cheaters or street gangs (Atlantic). The phrase ""acquaintance rape"" was coined to describe ... the cases of forced sex between people who alread

  • acquaintance
    expr. cultivate the acquaintance of, to try to get to know (someone) well.
    Ex. The ambitious young candidate tried to cultivate the acquaintance of the most influential politicians of his state.

  • acquaintance
    expr. make the acquaintance of, to get to know.
    Ex. My mother soon made the acquaintance of my new teacher. We spent a day or two in making the general acquaintance of the glacier (John Tyndall).

  • acquaintance
    expr. scrape acquaintance, to take the trouble to get acquainted.
    Ex. Her two dearest friends had contrived to scrape acquaintance without introduction (F. Whishaw).

  • acquaintance
    noun 1. pl. -ances. a person known to one, but not a close friend.
    Ex. We have many acquaintances in our neighborhood.
    2. ?no pl.
    a. knowledge of persons or things gained from experience with them. Acquaintance is more than mere recog

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