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cable in Dogri डोगरी

cable in Tamil தமிழ்

cable in Urdu اُردُو

cable in English

  • cable
    adj. cableless.

  • cable
    adj. cablelike.

  • cable
    cable, noun, verb, -bled,-bling.

  • cable
    noun 1. a strong, thick rope, now usually made of wires twisted together.
    Ex. The truck used a cable to tow the automobile. Large suspension bridges, such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, hang supported by steel-wire cables (Walter R. Wi

  • cable
    v.i. 1. to send a message across the ocean by underwater cable; communicate by cable.
    Ex. We will cable when we arrive.
    2. to provide with a cable or cables.

  • cable
    v.t. 1. to tie or fasten with a cable.
    Ex. A ship was cabled to the pier.
    2. to send (a message) across the ocean by underwater cable.
    Ex. He cabled the good news about his arrival from Rome.
    3. to send a cablegram to.

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