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  • character
    adj. characterless.

  • character
    character, noun, verb.

  • character
    expr. in character, as expected; natural or usual; appropriate.
    Ex. It is not in character for him to be late. ... the answer is clearly in character (Edward Freeman).

  • character
    expr. out of character, not as expected; not natural or usual; not appropriate.
    Ex. It is out of character for small children to sit still for a long time. It is always self-ignorance that leads a man to act out of character (John Mason).

  • character
    noun 1. all qualities or features of anything; kind; sort; nature.
    Ex. The soil on the prairies is of a different character from that in the mountains. He dislikes people of that character.
    2. moral nature; moral strength or weakness. The sp

  • character
    v.t. 1. to describe the qualities of; delineate.
    2. to represent; portray.
    3. to write; inscribe.
    Ex. the table wherein all my thoughts are visibly charactered and engraved (Shakespeare).
    4. to give a character to; characterize

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