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coordinate in Maithili মৈথিলী

coordinate in Tamil தமிழ்

coordinate in English

  • coordinate
    adj. 1a. equal in importance; of equal rank.
    Ex. The chief of police has power coordinate with or next to the local judge.
    b. of equal grammatical importance. In the phrase ""a cold, windy day,"" ""cold"" and ""windy"" are coordinate adjecti

  • coordinate
    adv. coordinately.

  • coordinate
    coordinate, verb, -nated,-nating,adjective, noun.

  • coordinate
    expr. coordinates, clothing matched in color, fabric, or style to produce a harmonious effect in combination.
    Ex. ... there's striped and plain coordinates and Him and Her outfits for brothers and sisters (Punch).

  • coordinate
    noun coordinateness.

  • coordinate
    noun coordinator.

  • coordinate
    noun 1. a coordinate person or thing; an equal.
    Ex. Citizens are coordinates in a court of law.
    2. (Mathematics.) any of two or more numbers that define the position of a point, line, plane, or system with regard to a frame of reference, suc

  • coordinate
    v.i. 1. to become coordinate.
    2. to be arranged in the proper order or relation; form a system.
    3. to act together harmoniously.
    Ex. If your muscles don't coordinate as you walk, you will trip or fall down.

  • coordinate
    v.t. 1. to arrange in proper order; put in proper relation; adjust; harmonize.
    Ex. A swimmer should coordinate the movements of his arms and legs. A symphonic conductor coordinates the playing of the instruments in his orchestra.
    2. to make

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