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counter in English

  • counter
    adj. opposite; contrary.
    Ex. Your plans are counter to ours.

  • counter
    adv. 1. in the opposite direction; in the reverse direction.
    2. opposed; contrary.
    Ex. He acted counter to his promise. That wild idea runs counter to common sense.

  • counter
    counter (1), noun.
    1a. a long table in a store, restaurant, or bank on which money is counted out, or across which goods, food, or drinks are given to customers.
    b. a banker's or money-changer's table.
    c. any similar long, narrow surfa

  • counter
    counter (2), noun.
    1. a person who counts.
    2. a thing that counts, such as an apparatus for keeping count of revolutions or strokes of a piston.

  • counter
    counter (3), adverb, adjective, verb, noun.

  • counter
    expr. over the counter, through a broker's office instead of a regular exchange.
    Ex. This includes some stock distributed through trading on exchanges, but the total is made up largely of stock distributed over the counter in companies ""going publ

  • counter
    expr. under the counter, in an underhanded manner; without authorization; clandestinely.
    Ex. The Metropolitan Opera House was crammed with people eager to shed $50 at the box office or $100 under the counter (Manchester Guardian Weekly).

  • counter
    noun 1. that which is opposite or contrary to something else.
    Ex. The counter to Communism was to show that there was a better way of life for people under a free democracy (London Times).
    2. in boxing:
    a. a blow given while receiving

  • counter
    v.i. 1. to make a move or take a stand against some person, action, etc., especially by making an opposing statement.
    Ex. In the debate the other team countered very weakly with a poorly prepared argument.
    2. to give a blow in boxing while r

  • counter
    v.t. 1. to oppose; go or act counter to.
    Ex. She did not like our plan; so she countered it with one of her own.
    (SYN) contradict.
    2. to meet or answer (a move, blow, proposal, statement, or challenge) by another in return.

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