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doze in Dogri डोगरी

doze in Maithili মৈথিলী

doze in English

  • doze
    doze (1), verb, dozed,dozing,noun.

  • doze
    doze (2), transitive verb, dozed,dozing.
    to grade with a bulldozer; bulldoze.
    Ex. ... our American earth ... dozed and paved into oblivion (St. Louis Post-Dispatch).

  • doze
    expr. doze off, to fall into a doze.
    Ex. The cat dozed off by the fire. Before I dozed off, I was going to tell you what Mr. and Mrs. Tulliver were talking about (George Eliot).

  • doze
    noun a light sleep; a nap.

  • doze
    v.i. to sleep lightly; be half asleep.
    Ex. After dinner my father dozes in his chair. Most of the time the sick man just dozed.
    (SYN) nod.

  • doze
    v.t. 1. to pass or spend (time) in dozing.
    Ex. The lazy boy dozed away his afternoons.
    2. to make drowsy.

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