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fur in English

  • fur
    adj. furless.

  • fur
    adj. furlike.

  • fur
    adj. made of fur.

  • fur
    expr. furs,
    a. a garment made of fur.
    Ex. Mother's furs keep her warm. Underneath is the picture of Sir William Cecil, after Lord Burleigh, in his gown and furs (Daniel Waterland).
    b. skins of animals with the fur on them.
    Ex. S

  • fur
    expr. make the fur fly, (Informal.) to cause trouble; quarrel; fight.
    Ex. I knew very well that I was in a devil of a hobble, for my father had been taking a few horns, and was in a good condition to make the fur fly (David Crockett).

  • fur
    expr. rub (or stroke) one's fur the wrong way, to irritate one.
    Ex. With his persistent questions Tom ended up rubbing somebody's fur the wrong way.

  • fur
    fur, noun, adjective, verb, furred,furring.

  • fur
    noun 1. the hair covering the skin of certain animals. Fur grows on many mammals and usually consists of a short, soft, thick undercoat thinly covered by a longer, coarser outer coat.
    2. skin with such hair on it, dressed and treated. Fur is used

  • fur
    v.i. 1. to grow fur.
    Ex. In February the pussy willow furs in the chill wind (New Yorker).
    2. to become furred or fuzzy.
    Ex. His voice doesn't vary from a monotonous mumble furring round the vowels (Sunday Times).

  • fur
    v.t. 1a. to make, line, trim, or cover with fur.
    b. to clothe or adorn with fur.
    2. to coat with foul or waste matter like fur.
    Ex. The walls on all sides [were] furred with mouldy damps (Joseph Addison).
    3. (Carpentry.) to put

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