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  • go adj. (U.S. Informal.) in perfect order and ready to proceed.
    Ex. She was suddenly in a go condition with all the assurance of a woman on familiar ground (Punch).

  • go expr. as they (people or things) go, considering how others are.
    Ex. They call it fortified, and so it is, as fortifications go (Daniel Defoe).

  • go expr. from the word go. See under word.

  • go expr. go about,
    a. to be busy at; work on.
    Ex. She went about her work with energy.
    b. to move from place to place.
    Ex. It is great pity that such a ... gentleman should undervalue himself so, as to go about with these soldier f

  • go expr. go along with, to cooperate with; agree with.
    Ex. The club members decided to go along with the president's recommendation.

  • go expr. go along, to cooperate.
    Ex. You can buy your house, if the bank is willing to go along.

  • go expr. go around,
    a. to satisfy everyone; be enough to give some for all.
    Ex. There were enough apples and nuts to go around. When it [the turkey] was carved, there was not enough of it to go around (P. T. Barnum).
    b. to move from plac

  • go expr. go at,
    a. to attack.
    Ex. He went at the dog with a stick.
    b. (Figurative.) to take in hand with energy; work at.
    Ex. Let's go at this problem in a different way.

  • go expr. go back of, to investigate.
    Ex. The public ... ought not to be compelled to go back of academic titles to find out what they mean (Science).

  • go expr. go back on, (Informal.)
    a. not to be faithful or loyal to; betray.
    Ex. Some member of the secret organization has gone back on his comrades (Liverpool Daily Post).
    b. to fail to keep (one's word, etc.); withdraw from.

  • go expr. go begging. See under beg (1).

  • go expr. go behind, to investigate the real or hidden reasons for.
    Ex. I do not desire to go behind these proofs (Congressional Globe).

  • go expr. go by the board. See under board.

  • go expr. go by,
    a. to pass.
    Ex. He let the insult go by. We went by that store often. Time goes by quickly.
    b. to be guided by; follow.
    Ex. Go by what he says. I would go by the rules if I were you.
    c. to be known by.

  • go expr. go down the drain. See under drain.

  • go expr. go down,
    a. to descend; slope downward; decline; sink.
    Ex. His temperature is going down. The wrecked ship went down.
    b. (Figurative.) to be defeated; lose.
    Ex. Their team went down before our superior playing.
    c. t

  • go expr. go far,
    a. to last long.
    Ex. Mother's apple pie will not go very far.
    b. to tend very much.
    Ex. This high duty ... went far to enable the distillers to fix the price of spirits (John R. McCullough).
    c. to get ahead.

  • go expr. go for broke. See under broke (1).

  • go expr. go for,
    a. to try to get.
    Ex. He went for the big prize. Each dog selected his bird, and went for it steadily (Scribner's Magazine).
    b. (Figurative.) to favor; support.
    Ex. The public goes for his ideas.
    c. (Informa

  • go expr. go great guns. See under great gun.

  • go expr. go in for, (Informal.) to try to do; take part in; spend time and energy at.
    Ex. He intends to go in for football.

  • go expr. go in with, to join; share with.
    Ex. to go in a partnership with another. Are you going in with that unfortunate Masterton and men like that? (Mrs. Campbell Praed).

  • go expr. go into,
    a. to enter into a condition or activity.
    Ex. to go into many expenses. He went into a rage. The book is going into its third edition. He went into politics.
    b. to be contained in.
    Ex. How many pints go into a gal

  • go expr. go it alone, to act without assistance; act independently or solely.
    Ex. A great increase in our own military establishment ... is the first essential if we intend to go it alone (Newsweek).

  • go expr. go it, (Informal.) to go fast.
    Ex. That's going it rather strong (Frederick Marryat). I say, young Copperfield, you're going it! (Dickens).

  • go expr. go off,
    a. to leave; set out; depart.
    Ex. My brother has gone off to college. His daughter had ... gone off with a neighboring young clergyman (Henry Fielding).
    b. to explode; be fired.
    Ex. The pistol went off unexpectedly

  • go expr. go on,
    a. to go ahead; go forward; continue.
    Ex. After a pause he went on reading. If you teach, you're expected to go on teaching whatever happens (Eudora Welty).
    b. to happen.
    Ex. What goes on here?
    c. to behave.

  • go expr. go one better. See under better (1).

  • go expr. go out,
    a. to go to a party, show, or other entertainment.
    Ex. He had a very good time when he went out Saturday night. We often go out to dinner.
    b. to leave (a place); go from one's house.
    Ex. I am going out for a while.

  • go expr. go over,
    a. to look at carefully.
    Ex. to go over a problem. I really believe we shall have the whole business of civil government to go over (E. Rutledge).
    b. to do again; repeat.
    Ex. He went over the explanation several t

  • go expr. go places. See under place.

  • go expr. go public. See under public.

  • go expr. go steady. See under steady.

  • go expr. go the distance. See under distance.

  • go expr. go through with, to complete; carry out to the end.
    Ex. The contractor went through with his bargain to build the house in three months in spite of the rainy weather. It's apparent this impact will grow, whether or not he goes through with hi

  • go expr. go through,
    a. to go to the end of; do all of.
    Ex. Let's go through the rehearsal without any interruptions. It would take far too long to go through all the propositions (Lewis Carroll).
    b. to undergo; experience.
    Ex. He

  • go expr. go to bat for. See under bat (1).

  • go expr. go to one's head. See under head.

  • go expr. go to pieces. See under piece.

  • go expr. go to town. See under town.

  • go expr. go to, (Archaic.) (in imperative only) an expression of disapproval, reproach, incredulity, etc.; come, come!; nonsense.
    Ex. Go to! you are a wag (Byron).

  • go expr. go together,
    a. to harmonize; match.
    Ex. These colors go together.
    b. to keep steady company as sweethearts.
    Ex. They have been going together since high school.

  • go expr. go under,
    a. to be ruined; fail.
    Ex. Poor management caused the business to go under. You have to adjust to change or go under (Atlantic).
    b. to sink in water; be overwhelmed.
    Ex. Many warships went under when the Armada w

  • go expr. go up,
    a. to rise; ascend.
    Ex. The thermometer is going up.
    b. to increase.
    Ex. The price of milk has gone up.
    c. to be built; be raised.
    Ex. New houses are going up quickly. The curtain goes up at 7 P.M. english

  • go expr. go with,
    a. to go steadily with; accompany; attend.
    Ex. The girls he had gone with were now married.
    b. to belong with; go well with.
    Ex. Cheese goes with salad.

  • go expr. go without, to do without; not have.
    Ex. You can eat what is on the table or go without.

  • go expr. here goes! (Informal.) now (I am, he is, we are, etc.) going to do it.
    Ex. ""Here goes!"" the paratrooper exclaimed as he jumped.

  • go expr. let go,
    a. to allow to escape.
    Ex. Let me go.
    b. to give up one's hold.
    Ex. Let go of my shirt.
    c. to give up; cease to control or attend to.
    Ex. Do only what is necessary and let the rest go.
    d. to fai

  • go expr. let oneself go,
    a. to give way to one's feelings or desires.
    Ex. He is too shy to let himself go.
    b. to fail to keep oneself in good condition.
    Ex. The coach warned the boys on the team not to let themselves go during vaca

  • go expr. no go, (Informal.) not to be done or had; hopeless; useless; worthless.
    Ex. I knew that the idea would be no go from the start.

  • go expr. on the go, (Informal.) busily occupied; active or restless; on the move.
    Ex. She is always on the go.

  • go expr. to go, (Informal.) (of food) to be eaten outside a restaurant, cafeteria, or lunch counter.
    Ex. two sandwiches to go.

  • go go (1), verb, went,gone,going,noun, pl.goes,adjective.

  • go go (2)orGo, noun.
    a Japanese game which is probably as old as chess. It is played by placing black and white stones on a board marked with intersecting lines, the object being to surround and thus capture territory or the opponent's men.

  • go noun goer.

  • go noun 1. the act of going.
    Ex. The boat rolled gently with the come and go of small waves.
    2. (Informal.) an attempt at something; try; chance.
    Ex. Let's have another go at this problem.
    (SYN) turn, spell.
    3. (Informal.) s

  • go v.i. 1. to move along.
    Ex. Cars go on the road. Go straight home at once.
    2. to move away; leave.
    Ex. Don't go yet. It is time for us to go.
    3. to be in motion; act; work; run.
    Ex. Make the washing machine go. Does your wa

  • go v.t. 1. to make a bid or bet of; stake; wager.
    Ex. I'll go another five dollars.
    (SYN) risk, adventure.
    2. to carry on as far as; go to the point of; cope with.
    Ex. I really can't go another mouthful.
    3. (Informal.) to pu

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