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grant in English

  • grant
    adj. grantable.

  • grant
    expr. take for granted,
    a. to assume to be true; regard as proved or agreed to.
    Ex. We take for granted the existence of atoms.
    b. to accept as probable.
    Ex. We took for granted that the sailor could swim.
    c. to fail to a

  • grant
    grant, verb, noun.

  • grant
    noun granter.

  • grant
    noun 1. a gift, especially land or rights given by a government, or a gift of money.
    (SYN) appropriation.
    2. the act of granting.
    3. a local, minor civil division in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

  • grant
    v.i. to agree or consent.
    Ex. The soldiers should have toss'd me on their pikes Before I would have granted to that act (Shakespeare).

  • grant
    v.t. 1. to give (what is asked); allow.
    Ex. to grant a request, to grant permission.
    2. to admit; accept without proof; concede.
    Ex. I grant that you are right so far.
    3. to give or confer (as a right or ownership) by formal act

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