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grease in English

  • grease
    adj. greaseless.

  • grease
    expr. grease the palm of. See under palm (1).

  • grease
    expr. in grease, fat and fit for killing.
    Ex. boar and hare in grease.

  • grease
    expr. in the grease, that has not been cleansed after shearing.
    Ex. Merino wools in the grease.

  • grease
    grease, noun, verb, greased,greasing.

  • grease
    noun 1. soft animal fat, melted or rendered.
    Ex. bear's grease, goose grease.
    2. any thick, oily substance, used as a lubricant.
    Ex. He spread thick grease over the axle of the wagon wheel after repairing it.
    3a. shorn, uncleane

  • grease
    v.t. 1a. to smear with grease; rub grease on.
    Ex. to grease a turkey for roasting. The teacher explained that many Indians greased their bodies.
    b. to soil with grease.
    2. to put grease in or on; cause to run smoothly by greasing; lub

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