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haw in Sindhi سنڌي

haw in Urdu اُردُو

haw in English

  • haw
    haw (1), noun.
    1. the red berry of the hawthorn; thorn apple.
    2. the fruit of other shrubs or trees of the same group as the hawthorn.
    3. hawthorn.

  • haw
    haw (2), interjection, noun, verb.

  • haw
    haw (3), interjection, noun, verb.

  • haw
    haw (4), noun.
    1. the vestigial nictitating membrane of the eye, especially of a horse or dog.
    2. this membrane when inflamed or infected.

  • haw
    interj. n. a call to direct horses, oxen, or other draft animals to turn to the left, especially without the use of reins.
    Ex. ""Get along! Haw!"" the mule driver yelled at the team (interj.). You have to make your haws loud enough for the mule to

  • haw
    interj., noun a stammering sound between words.
    Ex. ""I am, haw, hum, very happy to be here,"" the speaker began (interj.). His speech was interrupted with haws (n.).

  • haw
    v.i. to make this sound; stammer.
    Ex. Decisions come rapidly, with no hemming and hawing (Newsweek).

  • haw
    v.i. to turn to the left.

  • haw
    v.t. (U.S.) to direct (a horse or other draft animal) to turn to the left.

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