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hitch in English

  • hitch
    expr. hitch up,
    a. to harness an animal or team to a vehicle or implement.
    Ex. The farmer hitched up and set out for the fair.
    b. to ride up.
    Ex. The co-ed ... was wearing a navy-blue miniskirt that hitched up when she sat down

  • hitch
    expr. without a hitch, smoothly; successfully.
    Ex. The plans were carried out without a hitch.

  • hitch
    hitch, verb, noun.

  • hitch
    noun 1a. a fastening; catch.
    Ex. The hitch joining the plow to the tractor is broken.
    b. any one of various types of knots used for temporary fastening, such as the clove hitch or the diamond hitch.
    Ex. He put a hitch in the rope to ke

  • hitch
    v.i. 1. to become fastened or caught; fasten; catch.
    Ex. A knot made the rope hitch. The lariat hitched on one of his ears (Washington Irving).
    2. (U.S. Informal.) to get on well together; agree.
    3. to move with a jerk; move jerkily.

  • hitch
    v.t. 1. to fasten with a hook, ring, rope, or strap.
    Ex. He hitched his horse to a post. Now that is the wisdom of a man ... to hitch his wagon to a star (Emerson).
    (SYN) attach, tie, hook, tether.
    2. to harness to a wagon, carriage,

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