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hock in Marathi मराठी

hock in English

  • hock
    expr. in hock,
    a. in another's possession as security; in pawn.
    Ex. Among rare types of Americans are those who at this time of year place their winter clothing, including furs, in hock (Wall Street Journal).
    b. in debt.
    Ex. He

  • hock
    expr. out of hock,
    a. no longer in another's possession as security.
    Ex. He paid the pawnshop and got his watch out of hock.
    b. no longer in debt.
    Ex. After one more payment on the car, we will be out of hock.

  • hock
    hock (1), noun, verb.

  • hock
    hock (2), noun.
    (Especially British.)
    1. Hochheimer.
    2. any white Rhine wine.

  • hock
    hock (3), verb, noun.

  • hock
    noun pawn; debt.

  • hock
    noun 1. the joint in the hind leg of a horse, cow, or other four-legged animal, above the fetlock joint, corresponding to the ankle of man but raised from the ground and protruding backward when bent.
    2. the corresponding joint in the leg of a fow

  • hock
    v.t. to cripple by cutting the tendons of the hock; hamstring. Also, hough.

  • hock
    v.t., v.i. to pawn.

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