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incline in English

  • incline
    canal lift orincline
    an elevator or incline formerly used instead of a lock for transferring canal boats from one level to another.

  • incline
    incline, verb, -clined,-clining,noun.

  • incline
    noun incliner.

  • incline
    noun 1. a slope; slant.
    Ex. There is a slight incline to the counter.
    2. a sloping surface. The side of a hill is an incline.

  • incline
    v.i. 1. to be favorable; be willing; tend.
    Ex. Dogs incline to eat meat as a food. I incline toward your idea.
    2. to slope; slant.
    3. to lean, bend, or bow.

  • incline
    v.t. 1. to make favorable; make willing; influence.
    Ex. Incline your hearts to obey God's laws.
    2. to lean, bend, or bow.
    Ex. He inclined his head in prayer.
    3. to cause to slope or slant; tilt.

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