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inferior in Bengali বাংলা

inferior in Tamil தமிழ்

inferior in Telugu తెలుగు

inferior in English

  • inferior
    adj. 1. low in quality; below average; below most others.
    Ex. an inferior mind, an inferior grade of coffee.
    2. lower in quality; not so good; worse.
    Ex. His grades are inferior this semester. This cloth is inferior compared to real si

  • inferior
    adv. inferiorly.

  • inferior
    expr. inferior to,
    a. not so good or so great as; worse than.
    Ex. This cloth is inferior to real silk.
    b. below; lower than; less than.
    Ex. A lieutenant is inferior to a captain.

  • inferior
    inferior, adjective, noun.

  • inferior
    noun 1. a person who is lower in rank or station; subordinate.
    Ex. A good leader gets on well with inferiors.
    2. something that is below average; an inferior thing.
    3. (Printing.) an inferior letter.

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