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mat in English

  • mat
    adj. 1. dull; not shiny.
    Ex. a mat finish.
    2. made dull by roughening, as with a tool.

  • mat
    expr. go to the mat with,
    a. to meet (a person) in a contest of wrestling.
    Ex. The champion went to the mat with the challenger.
    b. to contend with over a matter of issue.
    Ex. the union may go to the mat with the management over

  • mat
    mat (1), noun, verb, matted,matting.

  • mat
    mat (2), noun, verb, matted,matting.

  • mat
    mat (3), adjective, noun, verb, matted,matting.

  • mat
    mat (4), noun.
    (Printing.) a mold for casting type faces; matrix.

  • mat
    noun a border or background for a picture, used as a frame or placed between the picture and its frame.

  • mat
    noun 1. a dull surface or finish.
    2. a tool for producing a dull surface or finish.

  • mat
    noun 1. a piece of coarse fabric made of woven grass, straw, rope, or fiber, used for floor covering or for wiping mud from shoes. A mat is like a small rug.
    Ex. I didn't fancy that the red carpet would be out; some form of mat, perhaps (Sunday Tim

  • mat
    v.i. to pack or tangle together like a mat.
    Ex. The fur collar mats when it gets wet.

  • mat
    v.t. to give a dull surface or finish to. Also, matte.

  • mat
    v.t. to put a mat around or under.
    Ex. to mat a picture.

  • mat
    v.t. 1. to cover with mats or matting.
    Ex. This vine ... has clothed and matted with its many branches the four walls (Cardinal Newman).
    2. to pack or tangle thickly (together).
    Ex. The swimmer's wet hair was matted together. Willow an

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