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  • meter
    (combining form.)
    1. a device for measuring ______.
    Ex. Speedometer = a device for measuring speed.
    2. meter (39.37 inches).
    Ex. Kilometer = one thousand meters. Millimeter = one thousandth of a meter.
    3. havi

  • meter
    meter (1), noun.
    (Especially U.S.)
    1. the basic measure of length in the metric system, approximately equal to 39.37 inches. It was intended to be, and very nearly is, equal to one ten-millionth of the distance from the equator to either pole

  • meter
    meter (2), noun, verb.

  • meter
    noun 1. a device for measuring.
    2. a device for measuring and recording the amount of something used, such as gas, water, or electricity.
    3. a person who measures, especially one whose duty or office is to see that commodities are of the pr

  • meter
    v.t., v.i. to measure or record with a meter.

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