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  • modern
    adj. 1. of the present time; of times not long past.
    Ex. Color television is a modern invention. All modern American literature comes from one book ... Huckleberry Finn (Ernest Hemingway).
    2. up-to-date; not old-fashioned.
    Ex. modern v

  • modern
    adv. modernly.

  • modern
    modern, adjective, noun.

  • Modern
    Modern, adjective.
    designating the form of a language now in use, in contrast to an earlier form; New.
    Ex. Modern Arabic.

  • modern
    noun modernness.

  • modern
    noun 1. a person of modern times.
    Ex. Some in ancient books delight; Others prefer what moderns write (Matthew Prior).
    2. a person who has modern ideas and tastes.
    3. (Printing.) any one of various styles of type, such as Bodoni, char

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