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nod in English

  • nod
    expr. get (or give) the nod, (Informal.)
    a. to receive (or give) approval.
    Ex. The merger must get the nod from stock-holders of both banks (Wall Street Journal).
    b. to receive (or give) a victory or decision.
    Ex. The judges gav

  • nod
    expr. on the nod, (British.) without formality; by tacit agreement or acknowledgment.
    Ex. The agenda, usually the cause of great friction, was accepted ""on the nod"" (Sunday Times).

  • Nod
    Nod, noun.
    the realm of sleep; land of nod.

  • nod
    nod, verb, nodded,nodding,noun.

  • nod
    noun nodder.

  • nod
    noun 1a. the action or fact of nodding the head.
    Ex. He gave us a nod as he passed.
    b. a short sleep; nap.
    2. a sign of approval.
    Ex. With mute obeisance, grave and slow, Repaid by nod polite (Oliver Wendell Holmes).
    3. t

  • nod
    v.i. 1. to say yes by nodding.
    2. to make a quick bow of the head, as in greeting, giving a command, or communicating a certain meaning.
    Ex. He nods at us, as who should say, I'll be even with you (Shakespeare).
    3. to let the head fal

  • nod
    v.t. 1. to bow (the head) slightly and raise it again quickly.
    2. to express by bowing the head.
    Ex. Father quietly nodded his consent.
    3. to invite, send, or bring by nodding the head.
    Ex. He nodded me into the room. Cleopatra

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