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  • pattern
    linen scroll orpattern
    (Architecture.) a form of decorative ornament suggesting the convolutions of rolled or folded linen, used to fill panels, especially during the Tudor period in England.

  • pattern
    noun 1. an arrangement of forms and colors; design.
    Ex. the patterns of wallpaper, rugs, cloth, and jewelry; a pattern of polka dots.
    (SYN) motif.
    2. a model or guide for something to be made.
    Ex. Mother used a paper pattern in

  • pattern
    pattern, noun, verb.

  • pattern
    v.t. 1. to make according to a pattern.
    Ex. She patterned herself after her mother.
    2. to work or decorate with a pattern.
    Ex. The German anti-aircraft guns ... begin to pattern the sky about them with little balls of black smoke (H. G

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