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prick in Konkani कोंकणी

prick in Maithili মৈথিলী

prick in English

  • prick
    adv. prickingly.

  • prick
    expr. kick against the pricks, to make useless resistance that only hurts oneself.
    Ex. He found it hard to kick against the pricks, yet, for that reason, kicked every day the harder (London Times).

  • prick
    expr. prick (up) the ears. See under ear.

  • prick
    expr. prick up,
    a. to point upward; stand erect.
    Ex. The spires of churches are to be seen pricking up through the greenery (Blackwood's Magazine).
    b. (Nautical.) to chart with dividers.
    Ex. The captain ordered the ship's course

  • prick
    noun 1. a sharp point.
    2. a little hole or mark made by a sharp point; puncture.
    3. a pricking.
    4. a pain like that made with a sharp point.
    5. that which pricks or pierces, such as a goad for oxen.
    6. (Figurative.) sti

  • prick
    prick, noun, verb.

  • prick
    v.i. 1. to pierce a little hole in something.
    2. to cause or feel a sharp pain.
    Ex. Thorns prick.
    (SYN) sting.
    3. (Archaic.) to ride fast.

  • prick
    v.t. 1. to make a little hole in with a sharp point.
    Ex. The thorn pricked my thumb.
    (SYN) puncture.
    2. to mark with a sharp point.
    Ex. I pricked the map with a pin to show our route.
    3. to cause sharp pain to.

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