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relief in Maithili মৈথিলী

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relief in English

  • relief
    adj. of or for the relief of poor people; having to do with people on relief.
    Ex. the city relief rolls, relief checks, a relief center.

  • relief
    expr. in relief,
    a. standing out from a surface.
    Ex. Sculptors have carved figures in relief for thousands of years (Florence Hope). ... a church with its dark spire in strong relief against the clear, cold sky (Washington Irving).

  • relief
    expr. on relief, receiving money to live on from public funds; on welfare.
    Ex. His family has been on relief ever since he died.

  • relief
    noun 1. the fact or state of lessening or freeing from a pain, burden, or difficulty.
    Ex. Relief from the pain came as the medicine began to work. To her great relief, the lost dog was found at once.
    2. something that lessens or frees from p

  • relief
    relief, noun, adjective.

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