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rope in English

  • rope
    expr. give one rope, to let one act freely.
    Ex. Give this man rope--he's doing our work splendidly (Thomas A. Guthrie).

  • rope
    expr. know (or learn) the ropes,
    a. to know or learn the various ropes of a ship.
    Ex. The captain, who ... knew the ropes, took the steering oar (Richard Henry Dana).
    b. (Informal.) to know or learn about a business or activity.

  • rope
    expr. on the ropes,
    a. driven against the ropes that enclose a boxing ring.
    Ex. The champion had the contender on the ropes for most of the third round.
    b. (Informal, Figurative.) in trouble.
    Ex. The Tories are on the ropes ...

  • rope
    expr. rope in, (Informal.) to get or lead in by tricking.
    Ex. I knew the first house would keep mum and let the rest of the town get roped in (Mark Twain).

  • rope
    expr. ropes, the cords used to enclose a boxing ring or other space.
    Ex. As he entered the ring, the champion leaped over the ropes.

  • rope
    expr. the end of one's rope, the end of one's resources, activities, or the like.
    Ex. They have come to the end of their rope: their time is up (Walter Besant).

  • rope
    noun 1. a strong, thick line or cord, made by twisting smaller cords together.
    Ex. Several strands of the rope broke as the ship strained at its anchor.
    2. (U.S.) a lasso.
    3. a number of things twisted or strung together.
    Ex. a

  • rope
    rope, noun, verb, roped,roping.

  • rope
    v.i. to form a sticky, stringy, mass; become ropy.
    Ex. Cook the syrup until it ropes when you lift it with a spoon.

  • rope
    v.t. 1. to tie, bind, or fasten with a rope.
    2. to enclose or mark off with a rope.
    3. (U.S.) to catch (a horse, calf, or other animal) with a lasso; lasso.
    Ex. He dexterously roped a horse (Owen Wister).
    4. to attach (persons)

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