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shake in Bengali বাংলা

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shake in English

  • shake
    expr. no great shakes, (Informal.) not unusual, extraordinary, or important.
    Ex. Her early novels were no great shakes, as she herself fully realized (New York Times).

  • shake
    expr. shake down,
    a. to bring or throw down by shaking.
    Ex. Parts of two monasteries had been shaken down by earthquakes (Henry F. Tozer).
    b. to settle down or cause to settle down.
    Ex. The Gemini 5 astronauts worked through a b

  • shake
    expr. shake off, to get rid of.
    Ex. I am glad I have wholly shaken off that family (Jonathan Swift).

  • shake
    expr. shake out,
    a. to shake thoroughly or vigorously.
    Ex. Let's shake out that dusty rug.
    b. to take out or spread out by shaking.
    Ex. to shake out a blanket for a picnic.
    c(1). to remove water from (a canoe) by rocking

  • shake
    expr. shake up,
    a. to shake hard.
    Ex. She shook up a mixture of oil and vinegar to make salad dressing.
    b. to stir up.
    Ex. Bob ... hollers to his horses, and shakes 'em up, and away we goes (Thomas Hughes).
    c. (Figurative

  • shake
    expr. the shakes, (Informal.)
    a. any disease characterized by a trembling of the muscles and limbs.
    Ex. Anxiety symptoms were relieved, he revealed, and the ""shakes"" lessened (Newsweek).
    b. (Figurative.) nervousness caused by fear o

  • shake
    noun 1. the act or fact of shaking.
    Ex. A shake of her head was the answer.
    2. (Informal.) an earthquake.
    3. a drink made by shaking ingredients together.
    Ex. a milk shake.
    4. (Slang.) a moment.
    Ex. I'll be there in

  • shake
    shake, verb, shook,shaken,shaking,noun.

  • shake
    v.i. 1. to move quickly backwards and forwards, up and down, or from side to side.
    Ex. The branches of the old tree shook in the wind.
    2. to be shaken.
    Ex. Sand shakes off easily.
    3. to tremble.
    Ex. He is shaking with cold

  • shake
    v.t. 1. to cause to move quickly backwards and forwards, up and down, or from side to side.
    Ex. to shake a rug, to shake one's head. The baby shook the rattle.
    2. to bring, throw, force, rouse, or scatter by or as if by movement.
    Ex. t

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