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small in English

  • small
    adj. 1. not large or great; little in size; not large as compared with other things of the same kind.
    Ex. a small country or city. A cottage is a small house.
    (SYN) diminutive, undersized, tiny, minute.
    2. not fully grown or developed

  • small
    adv. 1. into small pieces.
    2. in low tones.
    3. in a small manner.

  • small
    expr. feel small, to be ashamed or humiliated.
    Ex. Her kindness to me after I had broken her window made me feel small.

  • small
    expr. no small, great; considerable.
    Ex. a man of no small curiosity.

  • small
    expr. sing small. See under sing.

  • small
    expr. smalls,
    a. parcels, commodities, or consignments of little size or weight.
    Ex. Hitherto in Birmingham ""smalls"" had been defined to be quantities less than 2 cwt. (London Times).
    b. knee breeches; smallclothes.
    Ex. He whi

  • small
    noun smallness.

  • small
    noun 1. that part which is small; small, slender, or narrow part.
    Ex. the small of the back.
    2. a small person, animal, or thing.

  • small
    small, adjective, noun, adverb.

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