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snub in English

  • snub
    adj. short and turned up at the tip.
    Ex. a snub nose.

  • snub
    noun 1. cold, scornful, or disdainful treatment; affront.
    Ex. Anatole France was a man of superior abilities who had taken some disagreeable snubs (Edmund Wilson).
    2. a sharp rebuke.
    3. a sudden check or stop.

  • snub
    snub, verb, snubbed,snubbing,noun, adjective.

  • snub
    v.t. 1a. to treat coldly, scornfully, or with contempt.
    Ex. The unfriendly woman snubbed her neighbors by refusing to speak to them.
    b. to rebuke or reprove in a sharp or cutting manner.
    c. to treat this way in order to force a result

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