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stuff in English

  • stuff
    expr. do one's stuff, (Informal.) to perform, especially with skill.
    Ex. Quite a few people come to our fair city to see the King [a dancer] do his stuff (New Yorker).

  • stuff
    expr. know one's stuff, (Informal.) to be competent or well-informed, especially in a particular field; be knowledgeable.
    Ex. For all the clarity and originality of his presentation, this is very much a book for those who know their stuff (Scientif

  • stuff
    expr. strut one's stuff, (Slang.) to show off one's looks, clothing, abilities, or accomplishments.
    Ex. A ""dandy look"" struts its stuff this spring (New York Times).

  • stuff
    noun 1. what a thing is made of; material.
    Ex. Clay is the stuff of which pottery is made. There are even greater difficulties in ""managing"" the stuff of history than in understanding it (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists). We are such stuff as dream

  • stuff
    stuff, noun, verb.

  • stuff
    v.i. 1. to eat too much; gorge oneself with food.
    2. (Basketball.) to make a stuff shot.

  • stuff
    v.t. 1. to pack full; fill.
    Ex. She stuffed the pillow with feathers.
    (SYN) cram.
    2. to stop (up); block; choke (up).
    Ex. to stuff one's ears with cotton, to stuff a hole with rags, a stuffed nose. My head is stuffed up by a col

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