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swat in Marathi मराठी

swat in Urdu اُردُو

swat in English

  • swat
    noun a sharp or violent blow. Also, swot.

  • swat
    swat (1), verb, swatted,swatting,noun.

  • swat
    swat (2), intransitive verb transitive verb, swatted,swatting,noun.
    (British Slang.) swot (2).

  • swat
    swat (3), verb.
    (Obsolete.) sweat; a past tense and past participle of sweat.

  • SWAT
    SWAT orS.W.A.T., noun.
    (U.S.) a police unit trained in the use of special weapons and tactics.

  • swat
    v.t. to hit sharply or violently.
    Ex. to swat a fly, to swat a home run.

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