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edge in English

  • edge
    edge, noun, verb, edged,edging.

  • edge
    expr. edge in, to manage to get in.
    Ex. He edged in some business while on vacation.

  • edge
    expr. edge out, to win by a narrow margin.
    Ex. Kennedy edged out Nixon in the 1960 presidential election.

  • edge
    expr. on edge,
    a. disturbed; irritated; tense.
    Ex. His nerves were on edge from the constant noise. I'm all on edge over this landscape scheme (R. W. Chambers).
    b. eager; anxious; impatient.
    Ex. The children were on edge as they

  • edge
    expr. on the edge of, at the point of (doing something).
    Ex. He was now on the very edge of losing his office (Richard W. Church).

  • edge
    expr. set on edge,
    a. to cause to feel excited or uncomfortable; disturb.
    Ex. The constant noise set her nerves on edge.
    b. to make eager, anxious, or impatient.
    Ex. He was set on edge by hours of waiting.

  • edge
    expr. take the edge off, to take away the force, strength, or enjoyment of.
    Ex. The severe injury suffered by the winning pitcher took the edge off the team's victory.

  • edge
    noun 1. the line or place where something ends; part farthest fromthe middle; side.
    Ex. flowers by the water's edge. This page has four edges.
    2. the extreme border or margin of anything; brink; verge.
    Ex. The stag stood on the edge of

  • edge
    v.i. 1. to move sideways.
    Ex. She edged through the crowd.
    2. to move little by little.
    Ex. The dog edged nearer the fire.
    3. to tilt a ski so that the edge cuts the snow.

  • edge
    v.t. 1. to put an edge on; form an edge on.
    Ex. The gardener edged the path with white stones.
    2. to move sideways.
    Ex. She edged her way through the crowd.
    3. to move little by little.
    Ex. He edged his chair nearer the fi

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