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practice in English

  • practice
    expr. practices, actions; acts (usually in a bad sense).
    Ex. the practices of criminals.

  • practice
    noun practicer.

  • practice
    noun 1. an action done many times over for skill.
    Ex. Practice makes perfect. Practice is as essential to the great writer as it is to the great violinist (Atlantic).
    (SYN) drill, exercise.
    2. skill gained by experience or exercise.

  • practice
    practice, noun, verb, -ticed,-ticing.

  • practice
    v.i. 1. to do something again and again to learn to do it well.
    Ex. to practice with the rifle. She practices on the piano every day.
    2. to do something as a habit or practice.
    Ex. to practice as well as preach.
    3. to practice a

  • practice
    v.t. 1. to do (some act) again and again to learn to do it well.
    Ex. to practice playing the piano. He practiced pitching the ball.
    2. to make a custom of; do usually.
    Ex. Practice what you preach.
    3. to follow, observe, or use

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