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war in Kashmiri कॉशुर

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war in English

  • war
    adj. 1. of or having to do with war.
    Ex. war crimes.
    2. used in war.
    Ex. war weapons.
    3. caused by war.
    Ex. war casualties.

  • war
    adv., adj. worse.

  • war
    expr. at war, taking part in a war.
    Ex. The United States was at war with Great Britain in 1812. (Figurative.) Teetotalers and moderate drinkers will probably be at war on this point ... as long as the world lasts (Graphic).

  • war
    expr. go to war,
    a. to enter into a state of war; start a war.
    Ex. The aim of the nation in going to war is exactly the same as that of an individual in entering a court; it wants its rights, or what it alleges to be its rights (James Mozley

  • war
    expr. make war, to engage in war; fight a war.
    Ex. Aristotle maintained the general right of making war upon barbarians (William Paley).

  • war
    noun 1a. fighting carried on by armed force between nations or parts of a nation.
    Ex. to repudiate war as a means of settling international disputes, to prepare for war.
    (SYN) warfare, hostilities.
    b. an instance or particular period

  • war
    v.i. 1. to make war; fight.
    Ex. brother warring against brother, to war with an aggressor. Germany warred against France.
    2. (Figurative.) to carry on any struggle actively; contend; battle.
    Ex. to war against all things mean or petty.

  • war
    v.t. to worst. Also, waur.

  • war
    war (1), noun, verb, warred,warring,adjective.

  • war
    war (2), adjective, adverb, verb, warred,warring.

  • war
    war (3), transitive verb, intransitive verb.
    (Dialect.) ware (2).

  • war
    war (4), noun.
    (Obsolete.) ware (1).

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