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bunk in Hindi हिन्दी

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bunk in English

  • bunk
    bunk (1), noun, verb.

  • bunk
    bunk (2), noun, verb.

  • bunk
    bunk (3), verb, noun.
    (British Slang.)

  • bunk
    noun do a bunk, to flee.
    Ex. When Lennox shows up in a daze, not sure that he hasn't murdered his wife, ... Marlowe helps him do a bunk to Mexico (Atlantic).

  • bunk
    noun insincere talk; nonsense; humbug; bunkum.
    Ex. You're making speeches full of bunk (New York Times).

  • bunk
    noun 1. a narrow bed set against a wall like a shelf, often with another bed placed above it.
    Ex. Sailors sleep in bunks.
    2. any place to sleep.
    3. (U.S.)
    a. a piece of timber on which logs rest in a logging sled, car, or truck

  • bunk
    v.i. to flee.

  • bunk
    v.i. 1. to sleep in a bunk; occupy a bunk.
    2. to sleep in rough quarters.
    Ex. We bunked in an old barn.
    3. to share quarters.
    Ex. You can bunk with me, if you wish.

  • bunk
    v.t. to humbug; delude.

  • bunk
    v.t. 1. (Informal.) to provide with a place to sleep.
    2. (U.S.) to place (logs) on bunks.

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