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conclude in Tamil தமிழ்

conclude in English

  • conclude
    conclude, verb, -cluded,-cluding.

  • conclude
    noun concluder.

  • conclude
    v.i. 1. to come to an end; end; finish; close.
    Ex. The play concluded with a happy ending and the curtain came down.
    (SYN) terminate.
    2. to come to a decision; decide.
    3. to arrive at an opinion or judgment; resolve.

  • conclude
    v.t. 1. to bring to an end; finish.
    Ex. He concluded the meeting by saying ""Amen.""
    (SYN) terminate.
    2. to reach (certain decisions or opinions) by reasoning; infer.
    Ex. From the tracks we saw, we concluded that the animal must

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