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desire in English

  • desire
    desire, noun, verb, -sired,-siring.

  • desire
    noun desirer.

  • desire
    noun 1. a wanting or longing; strong wish.
    Ex. His desire is to travel. His predominant passion was desire of money (Samuel Johnson).
    2. a wish expressed in words; request.
    Ex. I sent you, at your desire, the articles you wanted.

  • desire
    v.i. to have or feel a desire.
    (SYN) long, yearn, crave.

  • desire
    v.t. 1. to wish earnestly for; long for.
    Ex. The orphan desired love and approval.
    (SYN) long, yearn, crave.
    2. to express a wish for; ask for.
    Ex. The principal desires your presence in his office. I desired a room for the nigh

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