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dispute in Konkani कोंकणी

dispute in Malayalam മലയാളം

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dispute in English

  • dispute
    dispute, verb, -puted,-puting,noun.

  • dispute
    expr. beyond dispute,
    a. not to be disputed or questioned.
    Ex. The bank teller's honesty is beyond dispute.
    b. final; settled.
    c. in a settled condition; finally.
    Ex. The boundary has been fixed beyond dispute.

  • dispute
    expr. in dispute, being disputed.
    Ex. The reliability of the evidence is in dispute.

  • dispute
    noun 1. argument; debate.
    Ex. There is a dispute over where to build the new school.
    (SYN) contention, controversy.
    2. a quarrel.
    Ex. The boys' dispute ended in a fight.
    3. (Obsolete.) a struggle; contest; fight.

  • dispute
    v.i. 1. to give reasons or facts for or against something; discuss; argue; debate.
    Ex. The lawmakers disputed over the need for new taxes.
    2. to quarrel.
    Ex. The robbers disputed violently over the stolen gold.
    (SYN) wrangle.

  • dispute
    v.t. 1. to argue about; discuss; debate.
    Ex. The lawyers disputed the case before the judge.
    2. to disagree with (a statement); say (something) is false or doubtful; call in question.
    Ex. The insurance company disputed his claim for da

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