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ought in Marathi मराठी

ought in Sindhi سنڌي

ought in Urdu اُردُو

ought in English

  • ought
    noun a duty; obligation.
    Ex. the moral oughts to which a person is bound.

  • ought
    ought (1), verb, noun.
    auxiliary verb. 1. to have a duty; be obliged.
    Ex. You ought to obey your parents.
    (SYN) must, should.
    2. to be right or suitable.
    Ex. A trip to the museum ought to be allowed.
    3. to be wise.

  • ought
    ought (2), noun, adverb.
    aught; anything.

  • ought
    ought (3), noun.
    (Informal.) naught; zero; 0.

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