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phase in English

  • phase
    expr. in phase,
    a. (Physics.) in the same phase.
    Ex. They are in phase with each other, both reaching maximum values at the same instant (J. A. Ratcliffe).
    b. (Figurative.) in harmony or agreement.
    Ex. There was much cheering as

  • phase
    expr. out of phase,
    a. (Physics.) in a different phase, or in different phases.
    Ex. voltages that are out of phase.
    b. (Figurative.) out of step.
    Ex. He was childlike and foolish, totally out of phase with all other Dominicans,

  • phase
    expr. phase down, to reduce gradually; reduce by phases.
    Ex. The secretary said that the programme to phase down American air operations in Indo-China ... ""is solidly based and progressing"" (London Times).

  • phase
    expr. phase in, to develop or integrate as a phase or in phases.
    Ex. It is hoped that seven to nine additional units will be ""phased in"" yearly until the planned total is reached (New York Times).

  • phase
    expr. phase out, to discontinue or eliminate as a phase or in phases.
    Ex. During the last few years the service has been phasing out its aircraft of World War II vintage (New York Times).

  • phase
    noun 1. one of the changing states or stages of development of a person or thing.
    Ex. At present his voice is changing; that is a phase all boys go through. A phase of my life was closing tonight, a new one opening tomorrow (Charlotte Bronte). The

  • phase
    phase, noun, verb, phased,phasing.

  • phase
    v.t. 1. to carry out or adjust (an action, operation, or program) by stages.
    Ex. to phase an army's withdrawal.
    2. to bring or put (something) into an operation, program, or action, as a phase or in phases.

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