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baby in Bengali বাংলা

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baby in Urdu اُردُو

baby in English

  • baby
    adj. babylike.

  • baby
    adj. 1. young.
    Ex. The sheep gave birth to a baby lamb. (Figurative.) Of course we're having trouble with our prototype ... Everybody is. This is a baby industry (Wall Street Journal).
    2. (Informal, Figurative.) small for its kind; small.

  • baby
    baby, noun, pl.-bies,adjective, verb, -bied,-bying.

  • baby
    expr. hold the baby, (Especially British.) to carry a burden or responsibility unwillingly.
    Ex. We're in a no-man's-land between emancipation and equality; we suspect we're also holding the baby (London Times).

  • baby
    expr. throw out the baby with the bathwater, to discard the essential along with the superfluous because of excessive zeal.
    Ex. The overly vivid presentation of the truth is no real reason to throw that truth overboard. This is throwing out the bab

  • baby
    noun 1a. a very young child, especially one too young to walk or speak; infant.
    Ex. A hungry baby will usually cry.
    (SYN) nursling.
    b. the young of an animal.
    Ex. a mother cat and her babies.
    2. the youngest of a family o

  • baby
    v.t. 1. to treat as a baby; pamper:
    Ex. to baby a spoiled child.
    (SYN) coddle.
    2. (U.S. Sports.) to strike or stroke (a ball) gently.

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