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eye in English

  • eye
    adj. eyelike.

  • eye
    expr. an eye for an eye, punishment as severe as the injury.
    Ex. The revengeful man insisted on an eye for an eye.

  • eye
    expr. be all eyes, (Informal.) to look eagerly; watch attentively.
    Ex. The children were all eyes at the circus.

  • eye
    expr. catch one's eye, to attract one's attention.
    Ex. Her bright red hat caught my eye.

  • eye
    expr. clap eyes on, (Informal.) to look at; see.
    Ex. ... you might never have clapped eyes upon the boy (Dickens).

  • eye
    expr. cry one's eyes (or heart) out, to shed many tears.
    Ex. She cries her eyes out whenever her mother leaves her with a baby sitter.

  • eye
    expr. easy on the eyes, (Informal.) pleasant to look at; attractive; beautiful.
    Ex. The landscape was easy on the eyes.

  • eye
    expr. give one the eye, (Slang.) to look at one in a flirting way; make eyes at a person.
    Ex. He blushed when the pretty girl gave him the eye.

  • eye
    expr. have an eye to, to look out for; pay attention to.
    Ex. Almost everyone has an eye to his advantage.

  • eye
    expr. have eyes only for,
    a. to love or want a person or thing to the exclusion of all others.
    Ex. Monk ... only has eyes for Nellie (Time).
    b. to look at or consider a particular thing or point of view to the exclusion of all others.

  • eye
    expr. in a pig's eye, See under pig.

  • eye
    expr. in the eye of the wind. See under wind (1).

  • eye
    expr. in the public eye,
    a. often seen in public; noticed by the public.
    Ex. The suit is much in demand by beauty contestants and others who wear suits in the public eye (Wall Street Journal).
    b. widely known.
    Ex. The Senator is

  • eye
    expr. keep an eye on, to look after; watch carefully.
    Ex. Keep an eye on the baby while I go out.

  • eye
    expr. keep one's eyes open, to be watchful or alert.
    Ex. The reporter kept his eyes open for any news.

  • eye
    expr. keep one's eyes peeled, (U.S. Informal.) to be on the alert.
    Ex. I kept my eyes peeled, but I didn't see her in the afternoon crowd (Munsey's Magazine).

  • eye
    expr. knock one's eyes out, (U.S. Slang.) to overwhelm with wonder.
    Ex. Bad roads in there, but my God Almighty, the little part of the river I've seen would knock your eyes out (James Dickey).

  • eye
    expr. lay eyes on, to look at; see; notice.
    Ex. I never laid eyes on this man until today.

  • eye
    expr. make eyes at, to look at with liking or love; flirt with.
    Ex. He was making eyes at the girl across the room.

  • eye
    expr. my eye, (Slang.) an expression used to show disagreement or disbelief.
    Ex. ""New"" my eye; these are just revivals (Lois Long).

  • eye
    expr. open one's eyes, to make one see what is really happening.
    Ex. Overhearing his neighbors' conversation opened his eyes.

  • eye
    expr. pipe one's (or the) eye, to shed tears; weep; cry.
    Ex. The rest [of the smoke] eddied about the house, and kept us coughing and piping the eye (Robert Louis Stevenson).

  • eye
    expr. put one's eyes out, (U.S. Dialect.) to overwhelm with wonder.
    Ex. ""In all our number we didn't have but one with the looks to put your eyes right out, and that was our baby brother Sam Dale"" (Eudora Welty).

  • eye
    expr. see eye to eye, to agree entirely; have exactly the same opinion.
    Ex. My father and I do not see eye to eye on my weekly allowance.

  • eye
    expr. set eyes on, to see; look at.
    Ex. I never set eyes on this man till today.

  • eye
    expr. shut one's eyes to, to refuse to see or consider; ignore.
    Ex. He shut his eyes to the faults of his friends.

  • eye
    expr. turn a blind eye, to ignore; overlook; disregard.
    Ex. There is a feeling that the police turn a blind eye to this problem (London Times).

  • eye
    expr. with an eye to, for; considering.
    Ex. With an obvious eye to the new importance of the women's vote ... (New York Times).

  • eye
    expr. with one's eyes open, aware of the risks or consequences.
    Ex. They did it with their eyes open, knowing that the publication of military secrets is a punishable offense.

  • eye
    expr. without batting an eye, with no external show of emotion.
    Ex. Fitzsimmons sat through the race without batting an eye (New York Times).

  • eye
    eye, noun, verb, eyed,eyingoreyeing.

  • eye
    noun 1. the organ of the body by which people and animals see; organ of sight.
    Ex. The sensitive elements in the retina of the vertebrate eye are of two kinds: rods and cones (J. L. Cloudsley-Thompson).
    2. the colored part of the eye; iris.

  • eye
    v.i. (Obsolete.) to look or appear to the eye.

  • eye
    v.t. 1. to look at; watch; observe.
    Ex. The dog eyed the stranger.
    2. to make an eye or eyes in.

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