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birth in English

  • birth
    adj. related by birth or blood, not by adoption or the like; biological.
    Ex. Parent Finders was started ... to help adoptees find their birth relatives (Maclean's).

  • birth
    birth, noun, adjective, verb.

  • birth
    expr. give birth to,
    a. to bring forth; bear.
    Ex. The dog gave birth to four puppies.
    b. to be the origin or cause of.
    Ex. The scientist's experiments gave birth to a new drug.

  • birth
    noun 1. the act of coming into life; being born.
    Ex. the birth of a baby. At birth, most babies weigh between 6 and 8 pounds.
    (SYN) nativity.
    2. the bearing of young; childbirth.
    Ex. Twins are born at one birth.
    3. (Figur

  • birth
    v.i. to bear offspring.

  • birth
    v.t. to give birth to.

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