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block in Bengali বাংলা

block in Nepali नेपाली

block in English

  • block
    adj. blocklike.

  • block
    block orbloc vote
    1a. votes cast by proxy and equivalent to the number of persons represented.
    b. vote by a group having a common interest.
    2. system of voting in which such votes are cast.

  • block
    block, noun, verb.

  • block
    expr. block in (or out), to plan or sketch roughly without filling in the details; outline.
    Ex. The artist blocked in parts of a portrait. The committee blocked out its plan.

  • block
    expr. block off, to close off.
    Ex. to block off a street to traffic.

  • block
    expr. block up,
    a. to fill up so as to prevent passage, progress, or vision.
    Ex. The landslide blocked up the riverbed.
    b. to raise on blocks.
    Ex. to block up the chassis of the truck.

  • block
    expr. blocks, a pair of supports against which a sprinter braces his feet at the start of a race.
    Ex. In the final, Wilma came off the blocks a split second behind the field (Time).

  • block
    expr. go to the block,
    a. to go to have one's head cut off.
    Ex. King Henry VIII caused two of his wives to go to the block.
    b. to be for sale at an auction.
    Ex. Several museums tried to buy the famous painting when it went to th

  • block
    expr. knock (someone's) block off, (Informal.) to thrash; pummel.
    Ex. ""If I catch the thief who stole my ball,"" the boy said, ""I'll knock his block off.""

  • block
    expr. on the block, up for sale or auction.
    Ex. His collection of paintings will go on the block tomorrow. Within 48 hours the competing evening Telegram broke the first story that the Star was on the block (Time).

  • block
    noun 1a. a solid piece of wood, stone, metal, ice, or other material. A block usually has one or more flat sides.
    Ex. The Pyramids are made of blocks of stone.
    b. a similar, small piece of wood, stone, plastic, or rubber used (usually in set

  • block
    v.i. to act in opposition to an opponent, as in baseball, boxing, and football.

  • block
    v.t. 1a. to fill up so as to prevent passage or progress.
    Ex. The country roads were blocked with snow.
    (SYN) bar, blockade.
    b. (Figurative.) to put things in the way of; hinder; obstruct.
    Ex. Mother's illness blocked my plans f

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