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  • care
    care, noun, verb, cared,caring.

  • CARE
    CARE, noun.
    Cooperative for American Relief to Everywhere (formerly, Europe), Inc., a voluntary nonprofit organization, established after World War II, to send packages of food, clothing, tools, books, etc., to the needy in other countries.

  • care
    expr. care for,
    a. to be fond of; like.
    Ex. the boy and his grandfather care very deeply for one another.
    b. to want; wish.
    Ex. I don't care for any dessert tonight.
    c. to take charge of; attend to.
    Ex. The nurse wi

  • care
    expr. could care less, (U.S. Informal.) not to care at all; be completely indifferent (to).
    Ex. Mitchum looks as if he could care less what the film is going to do for his career (Women's Wear Daily).

  • care
    expr. have a care, to be careful.
    Ex. Have a care or you will fall.

  • care
    expr. in care of, at the address of.
    Ex. All mail for the governor should be sent in care of the state house.

  • care
    expr. take care of,
    a. to take charge of; attend to.
    Ex. A baby sitter is expected to take care of children. My father will take care of this bill.
    b. to watch over; be careful with.
    Ex. Take care of your money.
    c. to dea

  • care
    expr. take care, to be careful.
    Ex. Take care to be accurate.

  • care
    noun carer.

  • care
    noun 1. a troubled state of mind because of fear of what may happen; worry.
    Ex. Few people are free from care.
    2. serious attention; heed.
    Ex. A pilot must do his work with great care. Want of care does us more damage than want of know

  • care
    v.i. 1. to feel interest; be concerned;
    Ex. Musicians care about music. One cannot care so much about what has happened in the past and not care what is happening in one's own time (Edmund Wilson).
    2. to like; want; wish.
    Ex. A cat doe

  • care
    v.t. to be concerned (to a specified degree or extent).
    Ex. I can think of only one element who ... cares a twopenny cuss for the principles or sufferings of humanity in this country (Manchester Guardian Weekly).

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