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correct in Urdu اُردُو

correct in English

  • correct
    adj. correctable, correctible.

  • correct
    adj. 1. free from mistakes or faults; true; right.
    Ex. He gave the correct answer.
    2. agreeing with a good standard of taste; proper.
    Ex. correct manners, correct dress.
    3. conforming to an accepted standard, especially one that

  • correct
    adv. correctingly.

  • correct
    adv. correctly.

  • correct
    correct, adjective, verb.

  • correct
    v.i. to make a correction or corrections; make up for a deviation or error.
    Ex. He corrected desperately as the car bounced into a ditch (New Yorker). Brokers said [that] the market ""corrected"" after its runup the previous days (Wall Street Jour

  • correct
    v.t. 1. to change to what is right; remove mistakes or faults from.
    Ex. Correct any wrong spellings that you find. His near-sightedness was corrected by properly fitted glasses.
    (SYN) amend.
    2. to point out or mark the mistakes in, so

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