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elbow in English

  • elbow
    elbow, noun, verb.

  • elbow
    expr. at one's elbow, close to one.
    Ex. I found at my elbow a pretty little girl (Dickens). (Figurative.) For one of history's momentous events, the outside world had only the carefully stage-managed story told by the handful of men at Stalin's elb

  • elbow
    expr. bend (lift, or crook) an elbow, (Informal.) to drink alcoholic beverages; drink to excess.
    Ex. I am sure they will not waste time bending an elbow with a little old corn-pone Congressman and a lot of Wyoming hillbillies (Harper's).

  • elbow
    expr. out at the elbow or out at elbows, worn out; ragged; shabby; poor.
    Ex. He was himself just now so terribly out at elbows, that he could not command a hundred pounds (Mary Martha Sherwood).

  • elbow
    expr. rub elbows with, to mingle with (people, especially of a different social level).
    Ex. The lunatic, clad in a dapper pinstripe, was happily rubbing elbows with the window shoppers in the village (Time).

  • elbow
    expr. up to one's elbow,
    a. very busy.
    Ex. ... up to our elbows making damson jam (A. Robson).
    b. deeply involved.
    Ex. He's up to his elbow in new schemes.

  • elbow
    noun 1. the joint between the upper and lower arm; bend of the arm.
    Ex. With elbows bent he sat, chin in his hands, fixedly staring at the TV.
    2. any bend or corner having the same shape as a bent arm. A sharp turn in a road or river may be

  • elbow
    v.i. to make one's way by pushing.
    Ex. Caught in the mob, he began to elbow right and left.

  • elbow
    v.t. 1. to push with the elbow; jostle.
    Ex. Don't elbow me off the sidewalk. The shopper elbowed her competitors at the bargain counter. (Figurative.) The small farming class have been gradually elbowed out of their holdings (Manchester Examiner).

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