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  • free
    adj. 1. not under another's control; not a captive or slave.
    Ex. a free man, a free people, a free nation, free speech.
    (SYN) independent.
    2. not held back from acting or thinking as one pleases; having liberty.
    Ex. She was free

  • free
    adv. freely.

  • free
    adv. 1. without cost or payment.
    Ex. Children under 12 can attend free.
    2. in a free manner; freely.
    Ex. The animals ran free around the farm.
    3. (Nautical.) with the wind blowing favorably, not on the bow.

  • free
    expr. for free, without charge or cost.
    Ex. ... train passengers who sleep past their destination and get trundled back home for free (Punch).

  • free
    expr. free and clear, (Law.) (of real estate) not encumbered by any lien, as a mortgage.
    Ex. He's met his mortgage payments promptly--and now his home is free and clear (Wall Street Journal).

  • free
    expr. free and easy,
    a. free from constraint; natural; unaffected.
    Ex. a free and easy manner, to act free and easy.
    b. careless; slipshod.
    Ex. He was criticized for his free and easy methods of research.

  • free
    expr. free from (or of), without; having no; lacking.
    Ex. free from fear, air free of dust. The industry has a statutory obligation to distribute gas free from hydrogen sulphide (Times Literary Supplement).

  • free
    expr. free with, giving or using freely; generous, liberal, or lavish with.
    Ex. free with one's money. He is too free with criticism.

  • free
    expr. make free with, to use as if one owned or had complete rights.
    Ex. Our uninvited guests made free with everything we owned.

  • free
    expr. set free, to make free; let loose; release.
    Ex. He set free the bear cub caught in the trap.

  • free
    free, adjective, freer,freest,adverb, verb, freed,freeing.

  • free
    v.t. 1. to relieve from any kind of burden, bondage, or slavery; make free.
    Ex. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.
    (SYN) liberate, emancipate.
    2. to let loose; release.
    Ex. He freed his foot from the vine that tripped him.

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