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  • other
    adj. 1. remaining.
    Ex. He is here, but the other boys are at school.
    2. additional or further.
    Ex. I have no other place to go.
    3. not the same as one or more already mentioned.
    Ex. Come some other day.
    4. different

  • other
    adv. in a different way; otherwise.
    Ex. I could not do other than I did. I can't do other than to go.

  • other
    expr. every other. See under every.

  • other
    expr. of all others, more than all others.
    Ex. Of tame beasts ... the most gross and indocile of all others, namely an ass (Philemon Holland).

  • other
    expr. the other day (night, etc.), recently.
    Ex. What did you do the other night? I bought this dress the other day.

  • other
    other, adjective, pronoun, adverb.

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