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pot in English

  • pot
    adj. potlike.

  • pot
    expr. go to pot, to go to ruin.
    Ex. After losing his job he took to drinking and went to pot.

  • pot
    expr. in one's pots, drunk.
    Ex. In their pots [they] will promise anything (Fynes Moryson).

  • pot
    expr. keep the pot boiling, (Informal.)
    a. to make a living.
    Ex. He doesn't earn much money--just enough to keep the pot boiling.
    b. (Figurative.) to keep things going in a lively way.
    Ex. His lieutenants keep the rebellion pot

  • pot
    noun 1. a kind of vessel or dish. There are many different kinds and shapes of pots. They are made of iron, tin, earthenware, and other substances. A pot may hold food or drink or contain earth for flowers to grow in.
    2a. the amount a pot can hold

  • pot
    pot (1), noun, verb, potted,potting.

  • pot
    pot (2), noun.
    (Scottish.) a deep hole in the ground; pit.

  • pot
    v.i. 1. to take a potshot; shoot.
    Ex. These ""townies"" pot at game birds and animals (Manchester Guardian Weekly).
    2. (Obsolete.) to drink liquor.
    Ex. I learned it in England, where indeed they are most potent in potting (Shakespeare)

  • pot
    v.t. 1. to put into a pot.
    Ex. to pot young tomato plants.
    2. to cook and preserve in a pot or can.
    3. to cook (meat) thoroughly by simmering or braising in a pot.
    4. to take a potshot at; shoot.
    Ex. We had got to within

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