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  • string
    adj. made up of stringed instruments.
    Ex. a string band, a string trio, a string ensemble.

  • string
    adj. stringless.

  • string
    adj. stringlike.

  • string
    expr. have two strings to one's bow, to have more than one possible course of action.
    Ex. As he that has two strings to his bow, And burns for love and money too (Samuel Butler).

  • string
    expr. on a string, under someone's control.
    Ex. Mr. H. said he was not a candidate on a string; he had his own convictions (Westminster Gazette).

  • string
    expr. pull strings, to use secret influence.
    Ex. I pulled strings and got myself into school, but I had to pay a lot of money to do it (Atlantic).

  • string
    expr. pull the strings, to control the course of affairs; direct the actions of others secretly.
    Ex. Persons ... who pull the strings of the Catholic world in the city of Rome (John Bright).

  • string
    expr. string along, (Informal.)
    a. to fool; hoax.
    Ex. That boy is so easy to string along that you can convince him of just about anything.
    b. to go along (with); agree (with).
    Ex. ""I'll string along with your chairman about th

  • string
    expr. string out, (Informal.) to prolong; stretch; extend.
    Ex. The program was strung out too long.

  • string
    expr. string up, (Informal.) to hang.
    Ex. to string up a thief.

  • string
    expr. strings,
    a. violins, cellos, and other stringed instruments.
    Ex. Praise him upon the strings and the pipe (Book of Common Prayer).
    b. the players of stringed instruments in an orchestra.
    Ex. With the orchestra little fault

  • string
    noun 1. a thick thread; small cord or very thin rope.
    Ex. The package is tied with red string.
    (SYN) twine.
    2. a thread, cord, or chain with things on it.
    Ex. She wore a string of beads around her neck.
    3. a special cord

  • string
    string, noun, verb, strung,strungorstringed,stringing,adjective.

  • string
    v.i. 1. to move in a line or series.
    2. to form into a string or strings; become stringy.
    3. to make a stroke in billiards to determine the order of play.

  • string
    v.t. 1. to put on a string.
    Ex. The child is stringing beads.
    2. to furnish with a string or strings.
    Ex. to string a tennis racket.
    3. to tie with a string or rope.
    4a. to hang with a string or rope.
    Ex. We dry her

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