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  • wish
    expr. wish on, (Informal.) to pass on to; foist on.
    Ex. They wished the hardest job on me. Professor Henry's efforts to dissociate himself from the museum that Congress had wished on him did not meet with ... success (New Yorker).

  • wish
    noun wisher.

  • wish
    noun 1. a wishing or wanting; desire or longing.
    Ex. He had no wish to be king. What is your wish?
    2a. a saying of a wish.
    Ex. She sends you best wishes for a happy new year.
    b. a request or command; entreaty.
    Ex. He grant

  • wish
    v.i. 1. to have a desire; express a hope; long (for).
    Ex. He wished for a new house.
    2. to desire or hope for something, especially something good, for another.
    Ex. to wish well to a friend.

  • wish
    v.t. 1. to have a desire for; be glad to have or do; want.
    Ex. to wish help, to wish money. I wish that it would snow tomorrow. Do you wish to go home?
    2. to feel or express a desire for (a person or thing to be as specified).
    Ex. to w

  • wish
    wish, verb, noun.

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