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common in English

  • common
    adj. 1. belonging equally to all.
    Ex. The summer cabin is the common property of the three brothers. The two triangles have a common base. Science and medicine form a common front against ignorance and disease.
    (SYN) joint, united.

  • common
    common, adjective, noun.

  • common
    expr. commons,
    a. the common people; people who are not noblemen.
    Ex. From the condition of the commons of the shires we turn to a much more intricate subject, the condition of the commons of the boroughs (William Stubbs).
    b. a dining

  • common
    expr. in common, equally with another or others; owned, used, or done by both or all.
    Ex. Although they are twins, the two sisters have few interests in common.

  • common
    expr. the Commons, the House of Commons, the lower house of the British or Canadian Parliament.
    Ex. ... the Lords endeavoring to insert a clause ... which ... the Commons of course rejected (Hartley Coleridge).

  • common
    noun commonness.

  • common
    noun 1. Also, commons. land owned or used by all the people of a town, village, or other community.
    Ex. Our commons from the last natural reservoirs of wild life left in southern England (Observer). Fronting upon the commons ... were the church, sc

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